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Pizza Stories

The Original Pizza Story

There are many fun and interesting pizza stories at Garlic Jim's. Some are about Franchisees and some are about customers. The original Pizza Story however is about a few guys who spent many years with some big national pizza chains and had the audacious idea that takeout and delivery pizza could be better. 

A lot better. 

These big national chains were delivering pizza fast, but quality suffered.  Of course there were some small chains with really good pizza, but try to get it delivered in less than an hour? It just wasn't happening. That's when these experienced guys got to work.  A much better crust was developed, a much better sauce was developed and it was decided that only the purest 100% whole milk mozzarella would grace a Garlic Jim's Pizza. 

Thus, Garlic Jim's started the Quality Pizza Movement in 2004. Since then Franchisees have many stories to tell about how a little hard work and perseverance has turned into a profitable, fun and rewarding way to sell pizza that they can be proud of! 

Enjoy the following "Pizza Stories" that were made courtesy Garlic Jim's and some super customers and employees!

National Pizza Party Day!

National Pizza Party Day was created by Garlic Jim's in 2006  and celebrated on the 3rd Friday of every May to celebrate one of the best aspects of pizza. Parties! 

There is something that almost everyone can agree on, and that is Pizza makes a party so much better! Pizza and parties go together like peanut butter and jelly. Or shall we say pepperoni and cheese!  Something about the phrase "Pizza Party"  just puts a smile on everyone's face. 

Garlic Jim's specifically chose the end of May for National Pizza Party Day to celebrate great teachers who are nearing the end of their school year. Garlic Jim's holds a contest in which awesome teachers are nominated to win a pizza party for their classroom. 

Here are a few happy classrooms who were the recipient of a Pizza Party courtesy Garlic Jim's!

Melissa  Carter from   Loveland Co .  is amazing with  her special needs class at Carrie Martin Elementary School.  Thank you Melissa!
Ms.  Garcia  teaches 5th grade at Fields Elementary School in San Antonio, TX.  Her students love her as well as their parents!  You're the best Ms.  Garcia!
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