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Own a Garlic Jim's

Pizza is an over 40 billion dollar industry and growing! Find out how you can have fun, build a profitable business and, best of all, indulge in the best pizza in the industry- anytime you want! With signature pizzas such as The Gourmet Garlic and The Nutty Chipotle, you will be the talk of the town!
The  Nutty Chipotle  TM

Franchising with Garlic Jim's

Today’s Garlic Jim’s is the evolution of our revolutionary idea. High quality pizza delivered quickly. We’ve perfected the art of making affordable gourmet pizza and delivering it as quickly as the big pizza chains.

In fact, in 2004 Garlic Jim’s was the first pizza chain to deliver a pesto and artichoke pizza in under 30 minutes. And we pioneered gluten-free pizza in 2008 and have one of the best gluten-free crusts in the industry. Now everyone can have the amazing pizza they deserve.

Our brand new concept of Neapolitan pizzas made in front of you is a real game-changer! Less than five minutes to have your own, personal 9″ pizza ready-to-eat! That combined with our proven delivery and carry-out model can’t be beat!

We’re looking for some good people to join us and take advantage of a great opportunity…making delicious affordable gourmet pizza and running a thriving business.

Our footprint is small, the investment is affordable, and with our proven business model, there is always the potential for growth in the ever-expanding 40 billion dollar pizza industry.

Is a Garlic Jim's Franchise Right for You?

Garlic Jim’s Famous Gourmet Pizza is concentrating our search for new franchisees within the experienced multi-unit operators community. We are looking for successful people who own several existing units of another brand and want to develop multiple Garlic Jim’s trade areas within a specific geographic region.

For example, if you own three sandwich shops and you do not have an opportunity to expand within your proximity then Garlic Jim’s has an opportunity for you. You can open several Garlic Jim’s locations within a short driving distance and still be close enough to manage multiple units.

Although experienced operators are preferred, Garlic Jim’s will consider applications from experienced business or marketing professionals for multi-unit or single unit franchises. Please click on the “Apply” tab at the top of the page to fill out a short application and begin the process of owning your own Garlic Jim’s.

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